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Drake finally Announces his New expecting Album “Certified Lover Boy”

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Drake finally Announces his New Album “Certified Lover Boy” with “Laugh Now Cry Later” single featuring Lil Durk.

It was reported this year that, among a bunch of new trademarks, Drake had secured the rights to use “Certified Lover Boy” in his future business endeavors. At the time, it just seemed like a fun thing for Drake to be doing. For much of his career, he had been clowned for keeping his heart on his sleeve in his music. Now, he’s celebrating his status as a lover boy, using the title for his upcoming album.

Teasing the people with a video of him on a jet ski, Drake said that we should all keep our eyes peeled because, at midnight, he was coming through. Indeed, he arrived with a brand new single featuring Lil Durk, called “Laugh Now Cry Later.”

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